Lotus M1

Lotus M1

Lotus M – Extraordinary stoves offering extraordinary facilities

The Lotus M series combines the best of the mass stove with the best of the wood stove. Its solid weight and its special design combine the ability of the mass stove to store and slowly emit heat with the calm and controlled combustion of the wood stove, as well as its ability to distribute the heat quickly. As a very special feature, this stove is equipped with a facility for choosing whether the heat distribution is to be run quickly (convection heat) or slowly (radiation heat). When opting for slow heat distribution, a higher temperature will also be built up in the soapstone. This can be achieved by using the right hand slide handle under the door.


Technical Data

  • Chimney Draft: 12 Pa
  • Nominal Heat Output: 6kW
  • Operating Area: 4-10kW
  • Room Size: 30-120 m2
  • Particle Emissions: 24
  • Hourly Consumption: 1,8 kg
  • Efficiency: 82%

Woodburning stoves and the environment

When selecting your new wood stove, do remember to check whether the stove has been approved and certified to standards duly allowing for the environment. As a main rule, the more standards a wood stove meets, the better will it be for the environment.